Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Was interviewed earlier by Cathy Paras of and Lana Jaina of Jam 88.3 :) Lana also hosts "Shelve It," a book review radio show which runs every Thursday from 8PM to 9PM. Tahanan Books is guesting tomorrow.

Thanks to Cathy and Lana!

A few updates re: the line-up of events: CCP might be joining with a small production number on Saturday though we've already got a pretty full line-up on Saturday afternoon. Old Friends, a quartet which specializes in Broadway tunes, will be performing on Saturday along with Vica Pineda of the Asian Theater Circuit. "Period Pieces," a performance poetry reading featuring the Fine Arts Poetry Cluster (directed by Mia Marci) of Ateneo de Manila University will also be staged.

The UP Folklorists Inc. has also confirmed their panel on Philippine folklore featuring folklore program studies founder Dr. George Fabros, Professor Ruby Alcnantara, and Professor Florentino Iniego. Their panel starts at 12:30 PM on Saturday (February 3).


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here are some of the images i got from the convention

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