Monday, January 22, 2007

Updates: Credit Cards & Book Swaps

Carissa796 over at the forums asks a couple of good questions:

1) Can convention attendees use their credit cards to buy books and merchandise in RodCon?

Yes, but we can't assure that all merchants will offer this option because of limited phone lines. As of now, only Powerbooks has expressed their intention to offer credit card purchasing. We'll give a complete run-down of charge-enabled exhibitors after the exhibitors briefing this weekend.

2) What are the mechanics of book swapping?

Book tokens will be scrapped in favor of equivalent trade :) This means that to get a book from the swap pile, you only have to bring a book to swap. If you give two books, you have the option of getting two books in return.

3) What if I want to donate a book?

Yes, please, and thank you very much.There's a book donation pile right next to the swap pile. Also, all books which remain unclaimed in the swap pile by the end of the convention will be transferred to the swap pile.

We are encouraging convention participants to bring books both to donate and to swap. You can bring comic books, textbooks, magazines, paperbacks, hardcovers, etc.


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