Wednesday, January 10, 2007


It's been a while since we posted on this blog. We haven't been neglecting it deliberately; for the months of November to December, there had been nothing to post, except tiresome, long-winded, possibly repetitive iterations of conversations with sponsors and invited organizations. We did spend a lot of time talking about and fretting over how much money we had and if we were going to jail. Again, the bloodier details didn't bear blogging about.

We're planning to post a sort of documentary post-mortem after the con, but for the moment, please rest assured that the convention is pushing through with surprising coherence, we'd ceased having panic attacks over morning coffee (and/or waking up screaming in the middle of the night), and, with your support, it might even be a rousing success.

We're slowly but surely pulling the events schedule together. Please have a little more patience with us as we wait for a few more organizations to reply with their planned functions. We had been hoping for a lot of lead time, which is why we started sending out our proposals as early as September, but it wasn't meant to be.

In any case, facts of note about the present status of the convention:
  • Powerbooks is now our official partner and co-presentor in the event. They have promised to clean out their entire warehouse (or at least their purchasing catalogue for the first quarter of 2007), which is exciting news (if you're not my wallet).
  • Tickets are on sale at Powerbooks (all outlets), Booktopia, and AeonBookstore (Katipunan). A few more store locations to follow, and we've also tied up with student organizations in UP and Ateneo to sell tickets in their respective campuses. The list of RodCon ticket outlets is provisional at this point. Please expect a more comprehensive list in the next two weeks.
  • In the meantime, if you haven't had time to buy your tickets (or even if you have), please make sure to pre-register. We will be contacting people who registered online next week. Please note that pre-registrants will be given priority in terms of signing up for function room events. They also don't have to line up with the rest of regular ticket buyers in order to get their convention badges. For that matter, pre-registrants can also take advantage of our sponsors' freebie offers for early bird attendees. Pre-registration is free, as long as you pay for your tickets before the pre-registration period lapses.
  • Pre-registration will end on January 31, 2007. Tickets sold after that period will be priced at regular convention rates: P150 for students, P250 for professionals, for one day-passes. Two-day passes will go for P300 for students, P500 for professionals. Please buy your tickets before pre-registration ends. Once again, RodCon tickets are available at all Powerbooks outlets. Or you can contact us at 09283555365 or at for more information about how to get your tickets on time.

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