Tuesday, October 24, 2006

October Newsletter

We've sent the October newsletter to our list of contacts for the convention. Apologies to those who got the newsletter with the email addresses thrown together in the recipient line. I (that is, the person who actually mailed the newsletter) ought to have used the BCC component to mask email addresses/identities but had clicked SEND way too soon. I am very sorry and it won't happen again.

I have uploaded preliminary press releases in this directory--


--though the official press kit section of the website won't be up until next week. I'll be making announcements in the website about updates in our programming this Friday.

If you wish to receive our bi-monthly newsletter about the convention, please go to the website and input your address in the email field.

In the meantime, Read or Die had its October 2006 meeting in Aeon Bookstore (Katipunan, Loyola Heights, QC) through the kindness of bookstore owner Marilou Gonzalez and store manager Sanny Medina. We welcomed new members Roselle, Karen and Marianne to the club and made plans about our reading list for the next four months. If you are interested in joining Read or Die (the book club, not necessarily the convention), please contact me at kmandigma@gmail.com for more details :)



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