Monday, January 22, 2007

Swissy; Panel Listings

New Terno Recordings act Swissy will also be performing at the Read or Die Convention 2007. Swissy will be opening for Radioactive Sago Project and Up Dharma Down. Looking forward to the performances--we only gave Sago and Dharma very general ideas about what we want for the concept album, so the new songs will be as much of a (pleasant) surprise to us as to the rest of the audience. We hope to have the entire concept album released by June 2007. Assuming that all things go as planned, funding-wise.

In other news, a list of participating organizations for the panel discussions have been posted here. It's still incomplete and topics and speakers are still TBA (to be arranged). However, the organizations themselves are confirmed attendees.

Hopefully by next week we'll have done and finished with TBAs. This convention has been a tremendous learning experience for all of us. It lurched along in an ungainly fashion from October to November, deflated a bit in December, and is now gathering momentum and pulling all sorts of things into its orbit this January.


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