Monday, November 20, 2006

November Newsletter

We've sent the November newsletter to our list of contacts for the convention.

I have uploaded the update to the website:

If you wish to receive our bi-monthly newsletter about the convention, please go to the website and input your address in the email field.

The newsletter is issued bi-monthly and is a compilation of updates regarding the convention programming, schedule, and list of activities. If you do not wish to receive this newsletter in the future, please reply to this email with a subject heading [REMOVE ME]. Thank you for your consideration.


Thank you to everyone who applied to join the volunteer staff of RodCon. We received a large number of applications (we hope it's not just because of the free books!) :)

The first volunteers orientation will be held on November 25, 2006 at Booktopia , which also coincides with our monthly club meeting. Volunteers are encouraged to attend as this will be a chance to interact with regular club members, find out more about Read or Die and how we conduct our meetings, and meet the as yet anonymous but v. formidable Volunteer Coordinator. :)

The meeting starts at 6PM. Please come on time.

Read or Die would like to thank Ms. Rowena Dimaguila of Booktopia for her wonderful support and generosity. Booktopia is one of our major sponsors in the convention.

We would also like to thank Ms. Marilou Santos and Mr. Sanny Medina of AEON Books for hosting the October 2006 club meeting of Read or Die.

If you are interested in joining Read or Die (the book club, not necessarily the convention), please contact me at for more details :)